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“I've always had this style struggle and I gotta say, so frustrating, and discouraging. But I love how encouraging you are—it doesn't feel as overwhelming when you break stuff down!— STEPHANIE


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Meet Leanna

Many will ask upon meeting me, “so, what do you do?” My business card reads, "Leanna Cappiello, Social & Community Coordinator”. I do community development work for an urban not-for-profit downtown Toronto. With this job comes the responsibility - and gift - of being the first face people see when they walk through the doors. I get to hear the story of what brought them here, discuss their desires for personal growth, and help them find a place to belong. Being in this position, I get to meet people of all journeys and destinations, cultures, ages, religions, dreams, desires and socio-economic statuses. My place of work honours the whole person - mind, body, spirit - and seeks to be a place of encounter: where one can go to be seen and heard. I have witnessed many people grow through relationship, education and hospitality because of our mission of community. What a privilege it is to call this my job, because it really is who I am at the heart of things.

I joined this tribe because it helps me articulate what I communicate without speaking. Paralinguistics (the subtle art of what is seen and not heard) is very important in community and social justice work). It helps me find that oh-so-delicate balance of being professional so that I stand out and look like I know what I’m doing, yet approachable so that people feel like they can tell me anything. What I wear speaks to not only what I do, but also who I am.

Often, these images and reflections we share speak to that delicate balance of personal style and paralinguistics. The element of sharing encourages each of us to be bold in our own pursuits. And, as people of the heart, our story is everything.


Meet Monica

I’m Monica. When you ask, what do I do? I hesitate. I could say “photographer” and that would be true but I find the label limiting. Instead I’ll share my purpose.

I found myself in photography. Growing up I was always the “creative one” constantly working on new projects trying to find that next creative thing. I even went to design school and became a graphic designer believing I’d find myself there but I didn’t.

Through all the tough times one thing has remained: my love and passion for photography. When I felt lost, photography was there for me. And now I want to dedicate myself to helping others do the same, that’s what I’m working on :)

So why did I join this tribe? I knew photography, creativity, and self-expression were valued and encouraged which is an environment I crave.


Meet Alessia

My name is Alessia. I live with my other half, and dog in a small village in the province of Vicenza in northern Italy. The things in life I’m most passionate about are probably healthier and sustainable lifestyle, photography and design.
We have recently started a lifestyle blog which we keep as you would for a journal and it has been fun so far!
I’m not a cook. I’m not a professional. I have no arty qualifications. But I do have an eye for composition, and so I contribute in the blog by taking pictures and following the web design side of it (absolute beginner!!!). I use an entry level Canon DSLR (I got a model similar to your first Canon Rebel you talked about in your blog), and a cheap tripod my boyfriend bought as a birthday present.
Some of my other favourite things include…
White wine, summer, post-punk, kale, fresh bed sheets, browsing antique markets, scrambled eggs and avocado toast.
I started decluttering my life-house-wardrobe last year after reading the Marie Kondo book and I haven't looked back since. I am currently curating my wardrobe following your precious style advice and I find it very empowering. Living life with less stuff but better quality is my new mantra.

I love your newletter.


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