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Toronto Personal Stylist
Toronto personal stylist for women

I wear a lot of hats (literally + figuratively)

I'm a graphic designer, an encourager, a personal stylist + style educator, a photographer, a writer, and a regular ice cream eater.

My life got a whole lot dreamier when I learnt how to share my story.

And that’s what I’m now passionate about helping you (yes, you!) do.

 Sharing your story 

It’s not about having a platform or a megaphone.

It’s about empowering you + those you share it with.

It’s about showing up, being seen, + being open for connection.

And then showing up as yourself and knowing  you are enough.

It’s about finding confidence + clarity in who you are + what you do.

It’s about welcoming with open arms all the right people into your life + business.


I help people with heart share their story through their:

personal style

You deserve to eliminate time + stress every day.
You deserve to stop spending money on clothes you’re not wearing.
You deserve to trade all those negative feelings in for more confidence + comfortability—in every situation.

Find out more about how we can help you step into your style >>>


Personal style is your best tool for telling your story when you show up in person.
Photography is your secret weapon you might not yet know you have for attracting, and connecting with, your tribe all over the world.

Find out more about how you can get photography that tells (+ sells) >>>

Branding {design + strategy}

If you’re a solopreneur or business owner, your brand story is how you pull your dream clients in close.
Your brand is how you show up and be remembered.

Find out more about creating your remarkable brand >>>


{Some more about me…}


one part style

My love of hats + sharing my style started in my wee years…


Once I decided to share my style (a little more publicly than my mother’s scrapbooks) I wanted it to be real.

Clothes I could afford on my real recent grad budget.
Outfits I could wear walking around the city in all the real Canadian seasons {and winter is SO real here}

These days, I’m more focused on curating a refined closet; investing in only a few very wearable pieces that I’m totally in love with.


one part design

And then I lived in two places…

I have a background, and degree, in graphic design—where I studied + practiced in Canada and Australia.

Back in Toronto, I work for a small studio where we help entrepreneurs + national brands tell their story.

Working across all sorts of mediums, from traditional branding to websites to both custom and bi-monthly publications. From branding stores to videos, to strategizing new interactive offerings.


one part photography

Australia is where I lived, explored, + fell in love with capturing the story I was living through photography.
I put all my photos + memories together in a book called Dirt Roads & Treetops.


And so we have it, one part style, one part design, and one part photography in my cocktail.

And then there’s the writing I do {like my weekly Beautiful Life letters; full of encouragement, empathy, and my business + life insights— join in over here! }.

I like to work from one of the many little coffee shops in my neighbourhood. I like to eat big french toast breakfasts on weekends, and barbecue for dinner.

I’m a believer in messy hair + squinty eyed smiles, diving head first into love, driving to the bank of a Great Lake {or ocean} to watch the sunset, and adding a dose of happy into my everyday through fresh flowers and waking up early to enjoy the morning light


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