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HOW TO MAKE THE RIGHT SHOPPING LIST {behind-the-scenes of what my list & list-making process looks likes}

You can’t have everything that's great, but you can make everything you have the greatest.

So how do you figure out what pieces are the greatest choices for you?

Short of working with a personal stylist, there is a favourite free tool of mine you can harness for some style clarity. A tool that you're probably already using.

The tool is Pinterest. And the strategy I call Practical Pinteresting.

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5 pieces to transition your wardrobe from recent grad to professional

Today, I’m sharing with you, my dear friend, 5 little pieces that can make a big impact in looking (and feeling) like the professional and expert you now are, from stepping out your front door to leaving a post-work happy hour.

...Or as I like to say:
Feeling like your best self from coffee to cocktails.

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