My style philosophy

I finally made the video I’ve wanted to exist.

I’ve been trying to tell you for a while—but I never feel like I say it clearly or loud enough.

What I’ve been trying to say is…

Here we talk about style, but it’s different.

Fundamentally different than most every other tv show, magazine, youtube haul video, fashion blogger when they’ve talked to us about style.

Different. And life-changing.

And finally I’ve put into words why and how.

Here is my style philosophy.

How-to shop strategically

Your personal style is directly related to how good a shopper you are. 
It’s really hard to feel good about your style when you’re buying clothes that you later realise don’t fit, have a flaw, or you just plain old don’t wear (and aren’t even sure why not.) (And you’re probably feeling guilty about the money spent to boot.)
This—buying things you don’t *actually* wear thing—it doesn't happen to me anymore. I got strategic and ultra intentional with what I buy, so that it is all money well spent.
In this video, I’m taking you behind the scenes of how I shop. 
In this video, I’m taking you behind the scenes of how I shop—in the-Bachelorette-style: 4 white tops battle to earn one of the limited spots in Rebecca’s closet—who will win?

watch the video >>

How-to improve your style for busy entrepreneurs

Okay, so we know style is kind of important for creative entrepreneurs… (if not, watch this first.)

But you’re still a busy-as-heck business owner. In fact, time is your most precious resource (that you never seem to have enough of…)

I put together today’s video with you—the busy business owner—in mind. I came up with the 4 things you could do to spend minimal time now and have maximum time-saving benefits for all the days to follow. 

improve your style without spending a lot of time


How to tell if clothes look good on you

One of the things I’ve noticed from my amazing little tribe here is that as women we pretty much live in a constant uncertainty of if this even what I should be wearing?

We’ve been told so many rules, fashion dos and donts, body type musts… it’s hard to keep up and know if you’re doing it right.

Have you ever wondered if this dress is right for your shape? If you should buy it in this colour or that colour?

Have you ever wondered if this even looks good on me?

In this video, I give you 3 steps to figure out if what you’re wearing looks good on you. 

how-to know if clothes looks good on you


How to find your style for entrepreneurs and personal brands

Let’s be real, it’s been fuurr-ever since you thought about what your best style looks like.

I mean really thought about your style.

To actually figure out your style from scratch—it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially when we have ourself as an everyday human to think about and ourself as the face of a personal brand.

How do you find your unique style? That is a perfect fit for you and your business?

Well, you can start with these 3 easy steps. This 5 minute video will leave you with at least 3 clear directions for your style.

Grab a pen and paper, and let’s get some clear direction in your style, shall we? 

how-to find your style for entrepreneurs


How-to look good in photos for your brand and website

If you’re a personal brand or an entrepreneur and you have a website, a blog, or even an Instagram account—you’re going to need some photos...of yourself.

And you want them to be right—they’re representing your brand after all. They’re a first impression; a hello, a handshake, a smile a vibe. They help people decide if they like you; if they trust you.

But they’re photos...which means that this crazy thing can happen where you’re looking at a photo of yourself and thinking “but I look better than that in real life…”

Stop guessing on what to wear in your photos. This video will show you the 3 things you need to consider to get the brand photos that make all your website social media sales page dreams come true! 

how-to look good in your brand photos