7 Thrift Store Sections Not To Miss

There's a good chance when you think of thrift stores you think of fur coats, flannel shirts, and baggy sweaters—which are all awesome and in plentiful at thrift stores. But if you're looking to build a thrift-based wardrobe, you're going to need more than some sweaters, dresses, and shirts. So, here are 7 sections you don't want to miss.

1 SHOE Let's start with the obvious. I've scored some great thrifted cowboys and motorcycle boots, leather moccasins, and heels. You can save a pair of those footies when you try on shoes at a regular shoe store and bring them to the thrift store! Some of my blogged thrifted footwears: herehere and here.

2 LINGERIE/NIGHTGOWN For the record I'm not talking about secondhand underwear/anything that you would wear as lingerie (but if that's your thing I don't judge). The sections at thrift stores tend to be labeled loosely—and in my experience "lingerie" means anything made out of silk or with lace on it. Read: great little silk camisoles and lace-hemmed skirts and shorts. Things I've found in this section: this rose slip and lace skirt, this silk camisole, these lace trimmed shorts, this blue number, and this crazy beautiful negligee

3 TWO-PIECE SUIT You may remember this post—yup, 2-piece suit section. I'm not sure if it's just Canadian thrift stores that use this label, but there can be some great co-ords hidden between the shoulder-padded skirt and pant suits.

4 DENIM The denim section is one of the most challenging sections and I avoided it for years. But now that I have a quick look through it on my trips, I've found some vintage boyfriend jeans as well as some more current looks from brands I recognize and know how they fit me.

5 BELTS I'm fairly certain that every belt I own is from the thrift store belt —and every belt I own is high-quality leather and scored for under $10. See all past posts where I am wearing a belt (like this one you've seen a hundred times, and this one).

6 HANDBAGS Like my belts, my overly large handbag collection is pretty much exclusively thrifted. I love long-strapped cross-body bags and clutches—and there are always plenty to be found at the thrift store. See all past posts where I am carrying a bag (like these: 1, 2, 3).

7 HOUSE + HOME So this doesn't really contribute to your wardrobe per se, but it's all-too-often left unexplored. Even if you're not in the market for a sweet new lamp, the house and home section almost always has some gems. I've gotten picture frames, lampshades, and a small cowhide throw. See the leather scraps I use as decor here.

Hope that inspired some of you to further explore the gem that is your local thrift store! Do you guys have any favourite sections? Or favourite thrift finds? Share your links—I would love to see the secondhand gems you've found!

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