Office Wear Series // White after Labour Day

Part-time blogger, full-time office worker, & all-the-time style-obsessed. I know I'm not the only one spending their 9-5 attempting to look professional and stay warm (is your office as freezing as mine?) so I thought it would be worth sharing the less exciting pieces in my wardrobe; what I wear to work.

Lucky for me I work in a creative environment (messy hair and blue jeans allowed). I know finding a comfortable & appropriate outfit everyday can be hard—especially if you are like me and get bored of wearing the same things. How do I keep my 9-5 wear fresh? Thrifting!

If you think secondhand clothing is only for casual wear, think again! I wear thrifted items to the office almost everyday. I find so many beautiful and professional pieces that are more varied than the typical professional wear at stores, keeping my work wardrobe exciting, unique, and affordable.

——— What I wore to the Office ———

office wear via

Ribbed sweater: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Watch: Fossil

office wear via

For the record, I am wearing shoes—however little and black they may be.

office wear via

Office essential: my watch. It's nice to know the time without looking disengaged by pulling out a cellphone during meetings. A little bonus for me is that it was a gift from my boyfriend and I'm always reminded of him when I look down at it—and thinking of him often just makes the work day a little bit sweeter.

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How do you guys feel about your workday wardrobe? Do you like dressing for work or can you not wait for the weekend to where whatever you want? (I think I'm a bit of both on that one)