3 Ways To Wear A Blanket Scarf This Season

There's no question, the blanket scarf is my favourite trend this season and maybe ever!

A scarf that feels like a blanket and can transform into one at any movie-watching or chilly office needs? Yes please.

Here is a look at my 3 favourite ways to wear a blanket scarf! Outside of wearing it as an actual blanket of course.

rectangle scarf via rebecca-jacobs.com-1.jpg

If you are not familiar with blanket scarves they look like this. Mine is from Zara and they are killing it with the coziest blanket scarves in every pattern you could want this season! Mine is this one but I love these as well (1, 2, 3)

3 Ways to wear a blanket scarf

I've turned my step-by-step guide into three pinnable images—so you can save them for when you need them.
Or scroll down and read the full details.


The Big Knot

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-1.jpg
blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-2.jpg

Fold the scarf diagonally, making it as long as possible from one corner to the other. The ends will be a little jagged.

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-3.jpg

Put the scarf around your neck with one side hanging longer than the other.

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-4.jpg

Take the longer side and tie it in a knot around the shorter side.


Like A Circle Scarf

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-10.jpg
blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-11.jpg

Take the scarf and fold/roll it lengthwise. Don't worry about folding or rolling it anywhere near perfect.

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-8.jpg

Put the middle of the scarf at the front of your neck and cross the ends back over your shoulders.

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-9.jpg

Tuck the ends in underneath and roll them into the scarf.  


The Big Kerchief

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-7.jpg
blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-5.jpg

Fold the scarf-blanket into a square (or a smaller rectangle)

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-6.jpg

Fold diagonally into a triangle. Don't worry about lining the ends up to make a perfect triangle—I like it better when the ends are a bit offset.

blanket scarf via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-1-2.jpg

Take the ends behind your head and either: 1) tie them together in a knot or 2) cross them over and bring them back over your shoulders, tucking them under.

If you can't tell I've been wearing my blanket scarf a ton this fall. I also love wearing as a cape (which, let's be real, is basically wearing it as a blanket), and in the more classic scarf ways like one of my favourite bloggers Miss Bethany Kate does here and here.Which one's your favourite way to wear a scarf? Have you picked up any blanket scarves yet this season? SI'd love to hear your favourite ways to style it in the comments below.