Fall cozy

As it turns out there is another way to be fall cozy without wearing giant sweaters and scarves/generally looking like a hobo—and that way is a fur vest (faux fur in my case). I think my Sunday morning brunch companion was even a little envious of how snuggled I was across the table in this baby. 

— What I wore —

fur vest style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-6.jpg

Vest, blouse & booties: Thrifted
Jeans: Forever21
Watch: Fossil

fur vest style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-1.jpg
fur vest style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-4.jpg

The subtle colouring will make this vest a basic in my cold-weather wardrobe.

fur vest style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-5.jpg
fur vest style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-3.jpg

OKAY GUYS, LET'S TALK ABOUT PRICE. I rarely share how much my outfits actually cost because I believe there is so much more to thrifting than just the pretty pennies saved! But to talk about the pretty pennies:
- vest: $8 at the thrift store
- blouse: $6 at the thrift store
- booties: $10 at the thrift store
It just so happens that my jeans were a bargain Forever21 find at $3 and my watch was a gift from the bf. So that puts this outfit cost at a total of under $30.

So why is that so awesome? Because, I can love fashion and feel as though I've expressed my personal style without it dominating my monthly paycheque. I can pay off my student debt, save for travel, and save for the future—or if there is an expensive piece I'm lusting over I can put my clothing allowance towards that when I'm saving on everything else. 

Where do you value saving money? Spending money?