150 years

If you've been following for a while you may remember this post where I talked about the desire I have to explore my home terrain—that which I would of once ruled out as boring and unbeautiful. Of course it took traveling to the other side of the world to appreciate what was always right beside me... But I am appreciative now and there are always new things to discover. 

— What I wore —

cape style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-1.jpg

Wool cape, button-up, & booties: Thrifted
Jeans: Topshop

cape style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-5.jpg

There's something about capes. Delicately whimsical but with the weight and cozy-ness of a wool blanket; paradoxically totally unpractical yet completely perfect for adventuring.

cape style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-6.jpg
cape style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-7.jpg
cape style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-8.jpg
cape style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-9.jpg
cape style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-10.jpg

This barn is over 150 years old. We stumbled across it by way of a cute bench under a tree that caught my attention from the main street. We never did take any photos at the bench but this old barn was a pretty good discovery. Sadly no barn kitties though.