How-to Tell if your Thrift Find is a #ThriftScore!

You've read A Guide to Happy Thrifting & 7 Thrift Store Sections Not to Miss, now you're standing with an overflowing basket of thrifted treasures...well, possible treasures. But how do you really know if it's a #thrfitscore or just the endorphins released from realizing everything in your basket costs under $5? 

Here are 5 ways to tell if your thrift find is a #thriftscore!

1 MATERIAL Is the cozy-looking sweater 100% wool or is it an acrylic blend that will put it in the danger zone for pilling after the first wear? Is it leather or pleather? Check the tag. These are questions that must be answered!

*Bonus tip: Washing & care instructions go hand-in-hand with the material. If it's dry clean only does it feel worth it to you to pay/exert effort to have it dry cleaned? 

2 SMELL If you've read my guide to happy thrifting you've heard this one before; smell before you buy! Unfortunately old smells don't always come out of garments (I find this is especially true when vintage shopping). My rule of thumb; if it smells musty or smoky it's better left behind.

3 THE LABEL An obvious but often forgotten one—check the brand! Most of what I see at thrift stores comes from brands I recognize. And most of those are brands from stores that I would never shop at due to low quality garments. This isn't to say you shouldn't buy a brand you don't recognize, but instead you should use this to rule out garments from brands you know are cheaply made. When in doubt, you can always do a quick google (smart phones for the win!)

4 CONDITION Check for any stains, tears, or loose threads as well as any missing buttons or broken zippers. 

5 THE BIG QUESTION: Is this something you really want or is this just an amazing deal for something you wouldn't have bought in the first place? Answering this [slightly wordy] question honestly is something I have yet to master—and due to that every now and then I come home with something I'm totally jazzed about in the store but then never wear. So here are some prompts you can ask yourself to figure out if this is really something you want to buy:
- Do I already own something similar that I would wear in place of this?
- Would I have tried this on if I was paying original price for it? Would I buy it?
- Is this my style? Do I feel like me in it?

If you still feel good about it after all these questions, it sounds like you found your treasure!

& SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: where is your money going? Some thrift stores are for-profit but many are non-profit. Most non-profits have a specific cause they donate to and almost all are transparent about what that cause is. You may feel even better about your purchase (who knew that was possible?!) if you know that small price you paid went to a cause you care about!

Happy thrifting all! Let me know what you think of the tips? What your best thrifting tips are? And your best #thriftscore to date? 

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