'Tis the Season

2 down, and at least another 4. Holiday parties are filling up my weekend nights (and over-flowing into my Thursdays & Sundays). No complaints here. This girl loves a reason to wear long vintage coats and over-indulge in food & mulled wine (my favourite). Here is the first in holiday party looks, brought to you by necklace layering: when you don't like any of them, wear all of them. 

— What I wore —

holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-1.jpg
holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-8.jpg

Coat: vintage (similar here) Dress: American Apparel here Socks: Calvin Klein Heels: thrifted Accesories: watch: Fossil here, necklaces: assorted vintage

holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-2.jpg
holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-10.jpg
holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-3.jpg
holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-4.jpg
holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-5.jpg

Two of my dressing pretty in winter staples: an off-black (also known as grey to normal people) pair of stockings and over-the-knee socks. My grey tights are a go-to for breaking up black outfits—and over-the-knee socks are the perfect cozy accompaniment. 

holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-7.jpg
holiday style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-9.jpg

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday season and the many parties that come along with it! It truly is a magical time of year & I feel like I am appreciating it this year more than ever. The way the snow sticks on the trees, rows of lights float + wrap along everything, people welcome you into their warm homes with open arms and warm beverages. Although it's also been chaotic and demanding, the beauty has been plain to see.

 What's your favourite things about this magical time of year? Any go-to's for holiday dressing? Perhaps a little sparkle ;)