When the weather is warm enough you don't need a jacket after September 21 in Canada, I feel the need to take advantage of it. And I mean really taking advantage of it—everything short of putting on a bikini and tanning lotion.

Jon's been taking me to places around his hometown that he thinks I'll like (and he's always right). This conservation area is called Woodend and it was as perfect as it was named. We took a detour on our way to the shops to follow some forest paths, look out over some cliffs, and take some outfit shots.

scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-1-2.jpg

Spot the Jon! ^

scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-10.jpg

— What I wore —

scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-1.jpg

Blanket scarf: Zara hereLong-sleeve: H&M here Slip: Wilfred (similar hereLace hemmed skirt: thrifted Socks: Target here | Motorcycle boots: Thrifted (similar here)

This outfit is all about layering contrasting hemlines. The grey top hangs low and round at the back, the middle layer is straight across, and the bottom is a lace hem. This kind of graduated hem layering is one of my favourite ways to wear my summer dresses, tunics, and skirts into winter.

scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-2.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-3.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-4.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-5.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-7.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-8.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-11.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-12.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-9.jpg
scarf layers forest via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-13.jpg

Loving blanket scarves as much as I am? Check out this tutorial on 3 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf this Season!

Hope everyone has had a good start to their week! How do you guys feel about layering hemlines? What's your favourite way to layer this season? Let's discuss xx