I'm a big believer in second hand shopping. In my first post, I talked a little about the sustainability of thrift/vintage shopping. I have lots of reasons for thrifting and that is a big one ( and I'll share another one later on here). But I am not the A+ world citizen I wish I was, and therefore not immune to the allure of storefronts. This lace embroidered top is the product of sidetrack from a quick trip to the mall for a Father's Day gift—oops.


Let's talk about money for a sec. Money (or lack there of) is the main reason I started thrifting back in high school—and as a recent grad with wanderlust, saving money on clothes is still a big thing for me. So what happens when I lust over beautiful pieces way out of my price range? I try to put things in perspective.

I will never own all the best outfits. But I can make sure every outfit I wear is my best outfit. For me, style is about finding great pieces that fit with you—fit with what you're drawn to, your finances, your needs. Style is not separate from these but it interacts with—and responds to—these factors. I make every purchase something I love, but I can't purchase everything I love the look of. For me, most of my love for fashion comes from finding the metaphorical diamonds in the rough at thrift stores but every now and then I find pieces that are perfect for me on some of my favourite first-time-around retail racks (see H&M black embroidered top).

———What I wore ———


Top: H&M (new)
Jeans & Accessories: Thrifted

Black is always a hard colour for me to wear, especially in tops. I often feel like black pieces take the ethereal and softness out of my looks. However this boho black lace pattern is just the airy black top I've been looking for.

And this bag. It is one of my all-time favourite purchases, found and haggled for at the ultimate of markets; Camberwell Sunday Market in Melbourne. It is one of those beautiful gems I was talking about; sturdy and quality leather. I'm a very minuscule crossbody bag kinda girl for everyday use, but this is perfect when I need to carry around an ipad, resume, my 8x10" portfolio book, etc. So basically it's my purse briefcase.


PS: I got a haircut! If you're a longhaired gal maybe you can sympathize with the post-cut feelings. And for those of you who can't sympathize: it's a seesaw between "My hair is so healthy and bouncy!" and regrets—all the regrets. What do you guys think about the chopped inches?