Sundays & Barbecues

As much as I have long jumped on the jumpsuit bandwagon, my first love is still an easy breezy summer sundress. So sweet and romantic—and you can drink all the sangria without dreading the hassle that is peeing in jumpsuits.

———What I wore ———


Dress: Vintage (Melbourne market)


This vintage number came from a Melbourne Saturday market full of seventies clothes and records. I still remember spending hours enjoying the people and atmosphere, shifting through Janis Joplin records for my imaginary record player. But how great is this dress I did come away with? Pairs perfectly with summer barbecues and Neil Young.


The dress happens to be one of Jon's favourites, so it was an easy choice to celebrate his backyard birthday with smoked ribs and good company.

His birthday surprises included bacon roses, a minion piñata, and wilderness-themed objects in anticipation of our upcoming camping roadtrip.

I find store-bought wrapping paper to be expensive, wasteful, and usually cheesy. I like to come up with my own wrapping using what's around me (free) and recyclable.

Scroll through to see my wrapping and some of the festivities:

Happy birthday to my man.