Lover, you should've come over

Two posts in one day? Don't worry I think I've exhausted all my writing for the day with my last post. Go take a read to find out a little more about the driving force behind my wardrobe and this blog.


Like many things, thrift shopping is better with two. Last week's thrift store expedition I was joined by my lovely designer friend, Lily. With two sets of eyes we spotted lots of great pieces for ourselves and each other. In fact, post changeroom we swapped lots items from one's basket to the other—including this skirt.

––– What I wore –––


Top: Urban Outfitters (old)
Skirt & Accessories: Thrifted


My go-to belt making yet another appearance. 


Now watch as I try to show off the cutout detail on the back of this crop top with all the awkwardness...