Boys don't like hats

I am really into hats right now. I'm wearing one most days—and wanting to wear one the other days. Ironically, I've also been having a lot of good hair days lately—which I have then been squashing down with my hats. Turns out, boys don't like hats. The other day while on facebook, I saw someone had shared a buzzfeed—or something else that is basically buzzfeed—entitled Fashion trends girls love and guys hate. I did not click the link due to recent realization that in ten years a statistic will exist of "The average person will spend [insert frighteningly high number] hours of their life reading useless gif-filled articles"—and I do not want to be the average person. My point in this—hats would be on the list of things girls love and boys hate.

Wore my boy-repellent around downtown all afternoon and then out of the city to most beautiful of gardens.

Hat: Thrifted
Striped tee: Thrifted
Jeans: Forever21 *obligatory pointing out that these were $7 jeans!!
Bag, Belt, & Moccasins: Thrifted

I feel the need to point out this might be one of my cheapest outfits to date. Every piece I'm wearing costed me in single digits. Thrift stores are a broke grad's best friend.


How lovely is my current set up in the beautiful garden (until my laptop dies at least)...

If anyone wants to offer some insight to why men hate my adorable hats, I would love an explanation for this mystery...