Travel wear

As you probably noticed, I did not shoot outfit shots on my recent camping trip—because no one wants to share how they look when they are camping. But really, it has to do with packing—efficient packing. The styling part of my brain is at rest and everything I pack is comfortable & breathable; to take me from hiking to sleeping. Well, almost everything. 

We were planning a couple date nights—a patio dinner on our first night in the picturesque Trois-Rivieres and a fancy lobster dinner (my first lobster!)—being on the east coast during lobster season and all. So I needed one, or two, outfits that weren't wrinkled, muddy, and spelling of campfire smoke and bug spray.

Enter the un-wrinkable light & flowy vintage dress that folds up into nothing.


Although I didn't shoot this on location, this is what I wore on our patio dinner in Trois-Rivieres. Minus the sweater holding as it was the warmest of summer nights.

The sweater comes into play on lobster night when we were out of warm Quebec and on the edge of Canada's east coast. All my favourite skirts have things like waistbands & zippers that make them too bulky for camp packing, so my light & flowy dress vintage dress becomes the perfect travel skirt when paired with a sweater/tshirt/crop top/etc.

——— What I wore when travelling ———


Head to toe:  thrifted
*except for my ring


My other go-to travel accessories? You know outside of the running shoes and Roots hoodie staples.

The teeny leather cross-body bag
It fits my wallet (which is also quite teeny), car keys, my iphone, passport—the only things you need.


2 The ring I never take off
There are only two ways I don't lose jewellery: don't bring it or never take it off. Everything but this ring falls into the former category.


These leather moccasins.
They don't look like much but they are beyond comfortable with a no-slip sole. I think I even wore them on one of our hikes.


Okay so if you follow my blog you are probably about to call me out on the fact that these are not just travel staples but my everyday staples... 

Keep travelling! xx