True Roots

I love me a denim jacket in the summer. My bright blue Moto doesn't even make it back to its hanger before I'm wearing it again. But even perfectly worn in denim doesn't compete with the coziness of a good hoodie. Sometimes a girl needs a hoodie. Even if it's on the way to the office...

The best thing for me about wearing this zip-up to places I wouldn't usually wear it are all the moments it instantly takes me back to. I remember laughter around campfires, cozying up to my favourite man, getting toasted marshmallow in my hair. I can still smell the campfire smoke (literally—that smell does not come out.) And there are no better memories I'd want to be reminded of.


Living for the camping, bonfires, and cottages of summertime is the Canadian way of life, along with coffee at Tim Hortons (or a baby moose, see: the best news story ever), knowing hockey is the only game & maple syrup goes on everything, buying beer in a 2-4 and then naming a long weekend after it (okay so it has another name too but who ever uses that?)

Other things I do: spend months lusting after Target Canada's Beaver Canoe collection and entire summers in my Roots' hoodie. Sidenote: hoodie is a funny word that I have typed too many times in this post and is now making me giggle. Anyway, Roots is about as Canadian as Canadian Tire (that means really Canadian) as well as eco-conscious and quality pieces that last a lifetime. They are cozy as blankets and mom's homemade mac'n'cheese. 


Oh ya and then there was my whole office outfit underneath the hoodie.

——— What I wore ———


Hoodie: Roots Canada here.
Shirt: H&M
Skort: Zara
Necklace & shoes: unknown