Grey Matter

I'm a doer. Sitting around doing nothing is pretty difficult for me, as thoughts of everything I should, could, and want to be doing pile on top of each other in my head screaming to be done. This weekend I found myself at Jon's when all my things to do were at mine. After asking Jon two or three times between waking up and finishing breakfast what we were going to do today (okay it was five or six times) I realized that we truly had nothing to do—left with the only option to enjoy each other's company, put our feet up, and have one of the best weekends.

I think doing nothing was good for me.

——— What I wore ———


Dress: Forever21
Necklace: Antiqued in Grand Rapids


Oh ya and there's some Birkenstock-look-alikes hidden in the grass


And the photobombing cat 


Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did. For those who hate not doing as much as I have; give it a try, it's actually kind of nice.