In the bag

Here's a little glimpse into things I never buy secondhand; the contents of my cosmetic bag. If I wrote this post a couple years ago, you would be seeing a lot more than what's in the photo above. A mix of traveling and finally being comfortable in my own skin has enabled me to whittle down to a small but powerful set.

My makeup taste is pretty boring as I like more of natural look. Here I go through what's in my bag and photographed above in a clockwise order, starting in the bottom left.

Concealer Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer
If you're going to wear concealer, it's important to do it right. I remember going through so many concealers that I would put on seamlessly in the morning and by the time I passed a bathroom mirror after lunch there would be dark orange outlines. Then I found this Make Up For Ever and have happily kissed those days goodbye.

Mascara L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes
I tend to swap out mascaras for whichever one is on sale at the drugstore, always hoping for dramatic results that never come. This one doesn't quite give me the million lashes it—and all the others—promise, but it always seems superior to whichever brand I buy after it.

Facial Oil Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil
Facial oils seem like a new fad but one I am all for. I got a free sample-size from Sephora but I know I'll be replacing it with the full size once it runs out. I've always had dry skin that makes all makeup go on way to cake-y even with daily moisturizing. Until I tried a facial oil and ta-dah the thin smooth makeup application I always wanted.

Perfume Thierry Mugler Womanity 
This is my true signature. I've been wearing this perfume for almost as long as I can remember (before that my perfume was by Britney Spears—so ya, long time). I keep all my other soaps and lotions are unscented because this is the only thing I want to smell like. Sweet & spicy, my boyfriend has joked that he fell in love with my scent before falling in love with me (maybe not a joke). I've read reviews that say it smells like a mermaid. Totally cool with smelling like a mermaid.

White Eyeliner something cheap
White eyeliner is my go-to after long nights with too little sleep. It's suppose to help open up the eye, making you look more awake. However, I find myself reaching for it more days than not.

Cream Blush Stila Convertible Blush in Camellia
As a girl with dry skin seeking a natural look, powders are use-only-if-necessary. I'll be honest; cream blushes don't really last all day—but, I'm okay with it. I feel like the morning is when my face is at its palest and needing a little added colour, and as the day goes on I'm perfectly fine with the fake blush fading away to be replaced by my natural blush as I do and say embarrassing things.

Eyelash Curler Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
This is the reason people ask me what mascara I'm wearing. My mascara sucks 90% of the time, but this curler is amazing every time. Like most of my makeup I bought this at Sephora, and was surprised to see they no longer carry it. I've never tried a different curler to compare it to but can't imagine it getting much better than this.

Okay so clearly my seven products make me no beauty expert (but less is more right?) I hope this answers some questions I've gotten recently. Do you have any favourite products? I'd love to hear!