Sweet Pea

So here are my thoughts on Birkenstocks; when shoes this comfy are on trend, you wear them.

I have had a busy little bit over here. I came down with a bug last week that lasted all through the weekend—leaving me behind in my preparations for this weekend of camping and country music at Boots & Hearts. This will be my first multi-day music festival and my first country music festival! Since we are camping there, I still have some meal planning and preparing to do tomorrow before we leave on Thursday. So it is just a quick outfit posts today and I'll be back to writing thoughtful and (vaguely) witty things soon.

I'm a little behind in posting my outfit shots, so this is not from this week because if you live in the GTA you experienced AUTUMN these past few days. Amirite?

——— What I wore ———


Top: Thrifted at a Melbourne market
Jeans: Forever21
Birkenstocks: Topshop


This little number was once a dress until its former owner decided to hastily cut it off, leaving a jagged hem line and an awkward length. My original reaction was "who does that!" but now I realize I appreciate this much more as a delicate companion to jeans than I would as the prettiest of princes dresses. I kind of even like the roughness of the hem line. It says I'm a delicate flower but edgy ...or something like that.


Nature walks are my favourite.


Molly joined us on this nature walk and photo shoot but surprisingly didn't feel like crashing my shoot and muddying up my outfit—how unlike her! So I let her have her own portrait instead.


So, what do you guys think of the Birkenstocks? Even though I bought them pretty much entirely based on their comfort level, I like the relaxed & unexpected vibe they add.