Little Moments

I'm still in the nomadic phase of growing up. Moving between budget dwellings and from city to city, knowing I want to test out a few more in the years to come. As much as my pinterest board reveals my inner love for home decor, it's not something I am yet ready to invest money in. Despite this, I need a space that feels like it belongs to me even if it's only a temporary home. And therefore it becomes in the details—the little moments of things I love, things that were given to me, and things that smell good. 

——— Decor details ———

All my favourites up there. A vintage mirror from when the house we moved into when I was ten. Dried roses from a beautiful wedding, shed antlers from my Aunt in Ohio, thrift store suede from the $1 scrap bin, and driftwood from a spring walk with Jon.


A woodsy-scented candle is my bedside necessity. This one is Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works, available here.


A dozen red reminders of my boyfriend.


Scrap leather and antler head atop my cedar chest made by my father.