Comfort zone

A lot of bloggers on my feed talk about fashion comfort zones—often encouraging readers to break out of their fashion comfort zones with new trends like leather shorts or running shoes with dresses. Whenever I read the term fashion comfort zone my brain attempts to figure out what's outside my comfort zone—and I think "do I even have one?" I mean, I'm definitely not a bright colours kind of girl but I always chalked that up to personal taste—not to a comfort zone I'm afraid to step outside. I do not find myself wishing I could pull something off or thinking "wow I could never try that". In fact, hearing people say "I could never pull that off" in reference to my ensembles is something I have become accustomed to. What do I chalk up my comfort-zone-less fashion to? Thrifting of course!


Thrifting puts you in a different mindset then conventional shopping. With overfilled racks of every print, colour, material, and style you can imagine, you can see hints and glimmers of what gems await you. Without being able to see the whole piece, you end up grabbing anything that appeals to you—grabbing first and thinking later. If you're me, you pull out silky fabrics, pastel shades, worn in leather and denims.

Exhibit A: this silky find. If I had a style comfort zone, perhaps wearing pastel blue nightgown would be outside of it. 

——— What I wore ———


Denim jacket: Topshop Moto
Dress: Thrifted
Belt & shoes: Thrifted


Do you guys feel stuck in a fashion comfort zone? Or are you on the other end where you're used to hearing "I could never pull that off" in reference to your outfits? If you're in the prior category I hope you are encouraged to thrift yourself into the later! xx