Keeping up with a blog

The hardest part of blogging is keeping up with it. I wear clothes everyday and I run a blog based on the outfits I wear everyday so I expected to be able to take a quick set of outfit shots most days and write a post before bed. Yet, somehow, life always gets busy. And on the nights that I do manage to get up a blog post I am often kept up until midnight—which is way past my bedtime! And therefore, have clearly not yet mastered the art of blog keeping-up-ing. But I have learnt a thing—or four—and I will share with you my tips on keeping up with a blog! 

1 GET IT ON PAPER If you think of something you could write about, write it down then and there! The two words you scribbled down while at the office or the grocery store could spark many more words to fill a post and fight off blogger's block. Writing after a long day at work is always hard for me and involves a few minutes of staring blankly at a screen/fighting to keep my eyes open. If you're in a writing mood, write lots of posts to be posted later. Or in my case, write the first few sentences for many posts saying you'll deal with the rest later.

2 DON'T BE A PERFECTIONIST I've posted lots of stuff I wasn't really happy with (should I admit that?) Whether the photos didn't turn out well or I was clearly too exhausted to be writing, it wasn't a great post—but I posted it anyway. The more you stress about making each post perfect the less you will post and more importantly the less you will want to post! The beauty of the internet—and especially true about blogs—it's ephemeral. Don't listen to the warning that once you put it on the internet it is there forever. Although that may be true, it will be buried under a pile of newer-internet. Oh ya, and the other beautiful thing about the internet; you can go back and edit/delete/add photos of cute puppies. There is no permanence in the inter-world.

3 PREMEDITATE Decide what days you are going to take photos on/what days you are going to write on and what days you are going to release the post on. And then just do it! Even if you have no idea what you are going to write about, decide that you are going to write a post tomorrow—and then refer to tip #2 when tomorrow comes...

4 STAY INSPIRED Keep doing interesting things, keep being open to the world around you—the blogging world and the world that exists outside your internet browser and iphone 5. 

Hope these tips help any fellow bloggers out there—and if anyone has tips of their own I would love to hear 'em. If you're thinking of starting your own blog but are worried about keeping up with it (I can't tell you how many people have said that to me) I encourage you to take these tips and just start writing/creating! 

Happy blogging! xx