Big skirts & Big Dreams

Birthdays are the best excuse for tule skirts & time spent with those you love.

——— What I wore ———


Grey dress (underneath): Forever21
Wire hem skirt: Thrifted in Melbourne
Belt: Thrifted
Booties: Target here


The only way to stop Molly from jumping up and getting mud all over your white tule skirt is to immediately give her attention! She was pretty excited for the birthday festivities—until we all headed out to the restaurant and left her big puppy dog eyes looking at us through the window as we pulled away.


I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to some of my darling photographers/BFFs!

First off my sisters, Danica and Taryn. And aren't they are pretty stylish themselves! Tk, as we call her, was the girl-behind-the-lens of my last post as well as many others! 


And this guy, my boyfriend, best friend, overused photographer, and quite the birthday romantic.


Of course my lovely parents were there to take us all out for dinner and drinks (and point out that they are too young to have a daughter this old!) Was a night of great food and even better company—reminding me how truly blessed I've been over the last year. Today, I sit in post-birthday-bliss with big dreams for my upcoming year. 

Wishing you all happy birthdays & big dreams! As always, I love to hear your thoughts & dreams in the comments below!