I've had some pretty unbelievable thrift store luck as of late. My last three thrift store trips, I was hoping for a particular item and (get this!) I found exactly what I was looking for! I'll be honest, that doesn't really happen—ever. The first of this streak of luck was this black slitted maxi skirt. I wore it for a day of some freelance photography-shooting and an all-you-can-eat sushi date with the boyfriend. Which brings me to why I love maxi skirts and dresses; they are comfortable, breezy, and you can eat all the sushi without worrying about popping a button. And eat all the sushi we did...

——— What I wore ———

Fall Style-4.jpg

I'll save some space by telling you this whole outfit is thrifted! Except:
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Fall Style-1.jpg

This week has still been really warm out (no complaints!) So I paired my maxi skirt with a shrunken sweater (okay—thrift store kid's section sweater) for the day. But when the weather cools, this maxi skirt will be paired with the big wooly sweaters I intended it for.

Fall Style-7.jpg

For the record, it was a windy day and the excessive amount of hair-touching is what was keeping it from becoming any more stuck to my lip balm than it was already getting.

Fall Style-2.jpg

What items will you be crossing over when the weather cools down? And how will you change how you style them?