Dressing for a Cozy Date Night

Like many of you, Jon and I spent our Valentine's Day staying cozy at home. In our defence, there's an extreme cold weather alert going on at the moment. But, full disclosure, we made a blanket fort.

The staying-in date is always a hard one to dress for—am I right? It requires resisting the urge to wear leggings (more accurately sweatpants) and a big comfy sweater, meanwhile finding something cute that won't get wrinkled or covered in pet hair from cuddling under blankets. Here's what I landed on for dressing cozy yet romantic.

— What I wore —

cozy style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-1.jpg

Blanket cardigan: thrifted (similarSilk camisole: thrifted  Jeans: Topshop "Leigh" in Intense Blue (here) Belt: thrifted

If you haven't tried on Topshop jeans before, you should know they are super soft and stretchy and basically feel like leggings but look like real pants (score!) And since it was the day of romance, I opted to wear not a turtleneck, and instead went a little more sultry, showing a little skin with this vintage silk cami (underneath a blanket cardigan of course, because cozy.)

cozy style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-2.jpg
cozy style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-9.jpg
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cozy style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-7.jpg
cozy style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-10.jpg
cozy style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-11.jpg

Perfume: Womanity by Thierry Mugler | Lip tint: Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Fiery

Getting cozy calls for some attention to details. I believe spritzing perfume is the most romantic part of a beauty routine, and I wore my signature scent (which you may remember from what's in my makeup bag). Jon has loved this scent since pre-dating times when we were friends, and to this day (4 years later) loves every time I wear it. In un-signature fashion, I added some lip colour. I love these Tarte Matte lip colours, and I tend to dab them on with my finger for more of a "stained" look.

cozy style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-5.jpg
cozy style via Rebecca-Jacobs.com-8.jpg

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Any of you experiencing this serious cold front and blizzard-like conditions? 

What do you feel comfortable in on a date night? What makes you feel most romantic & beautiful?