What I learnt about blogging after a week with the flu

Hi guys! This is my post to apologize for being so quiet around here this week! As it turns out, I got hit hard with the flu—winter, right? I took some days off from the studio, but even the days I managed to get myself to work, I could not get myself to the blog. But I have learnt my lesson when it comes to blogging and life taking unexpected turns.

Have some pre-written content on reserve. Lots of blog advice tells you to write your posts in advance and, as it turns out, they tell you it for a reason. I usually compose my posts for the week over a few mornings, but don't quite finish them off until the night before. Turns out, when you're sick, having lots of mostly-written posts aren't all that helpful. 

I'm feeling a lot better—so expect to be back on track over here next week. But since I have you wise people here, do you have any swear-by flu & cold remedies?