My 5 minute, 5 product, pocket-sized makeup routine

I value both my time and money pretty highly. For that reason, I've worked over the past couple years to streamline any reoccurring processes in my life—streamline both financially and in time. As a makeup-wearing human I thought I would share my streamlined everyday routine. And yes, it's really under 5 minutes. 

My 5 minute, 5 product, pocket-sized makeup routine


1 Concealer

I apply concealer:
1) under my eyes
2) along my brow bone
3) on the corners of my nose + mouth
4) on any pimples/blemishes

My pick (and absolute fave): Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer

2 Brow Crayon

I comb my eyebrows up and back using the brush end. Then, I fill in my eyebrows using short strokes, in the same direction my hair grows (using the crayon end of course).

My current pick: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

3 Eyelash Curler

I curl my eyelashes at the base. I press down on the base and hold for a few seconds. I release and press down again, this time rotating the curler upside-down. It's a weird thing. Basically it's just doing step 3 of this eyelash curling guide.

My forever pick: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

4 Mascara

I apply mascara to the front side of my top lashes, angling the brush down towards the corners of my eyes while applying. I've toyed with trying to apply mascara to the back of my lashes or bottom lashes but that just ends in trying to do damage control with a Q-tip.

My pick: L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

5 Cream Blush

I'm not sure why I apply the last, but it always seems to be the perfect finishing touch. I use my fingers to apply cream blush—something I'm probably most definitely not suppose to be doing. But, I smile, and apply it via fingers along my cheekbones and upwards to my temple, blending into my hairline. Using my other blush-free fingers, I go back and blend in the  edges to prevent harsh lines.

My longtime love: Stila Convertible Color in Camellia

I'm pretty happy with my makeup routine. It feels efficient, affordable, pretty natural, and makes me feel beautiful. (Because what feels more beautiful than efficiency and affordability, am I right?)

What's your everyday beauty routine (do you have one?) And what processes in your life have you worked to streamline?