5 Places to shop secondhand {and what I love about each one}

So we know I'm a secondhand-enthusiast! If you read the product details in my outfit posts you're probably pretty accustomed to reading that an item is "vintage", or "thrifted", even sometimes just "secondhand". But where am I really getting these pieces? Here's a list of 5 places to shop secondhand, and what makes each one awesome.

Vintage Shops

Full of handpicked and curated goodness from decades past; you won't find last season's discards here. They can range in price, but tend to be more expensive than other secondhand options because, for one, the items are higher quality, but also because somebody has put in the time to curate each one. They come in the form of both physical and online shops.

WHAT I LOVE The best pieces are here! It's always exciting to look through so many beautiful and authentic pieces—and you know that the quality has stood the test of time.

TRY If you live in Toronto, you are in the company of many vintage stores (the participating stores from this event is a great round-up!) For online: try etsy! MEEKvintage and Windy Peak Vintage (who also have a really sweet instagram) are some great shops!

Thrift Stores

Ranging from new with original tags to heavily worn, the no-longer wanted garments here come from both individuals and businesses. The items are collected and priced by an organization and sold at affordable prices. Thrift stores are also known as charity shops—and often times the proceeds to go to charity. Unlike vintage shops, they aren't curated. Instead, it's anything and everything people have donated or sold to the store.

WHAT I LOVE the price point—it's pretty hard to beat! You can score some vintage or high-quality gems at bargain prices.

TRY looking for a thrift store where the proceeds go to a cause you care about

Yard Sales & Markets

Okay so these are basically thrift stores except the items come from one person's closet, and that one person is usually sitting there selling them. Hitting up yard sales or used clothing markets can be equally as hit-or-miss as hitting up thrift shops. But the hits always make it worth it.

WHAT I LOVE interacting with the seller! The markets in Melbourne were my favourite place to do this. Also—dare I say it—the prices can be even better than thrift stores (and bargaining is totally allowed!)

TRY googling your city's markets! But also, check your local coffee shop bulletin board for what markets or yard sales are going on in your neighbourhood.

Consignment Store

Past season's designer pieces at cheaper prices. The brands you will find here vary—some consignment shops only accept the high-end and well-known, at some you will find Zara. The prices, like the brands carried, range—but tend to be the pricier side of the secondhand spectrum, as they too are hand-picked or gone through an approved.

WHAT I LOVE less wear and tear!  I'm not big on consignments—name brands has never been my thing—but I do love that the items here are more often than not in perfect condition.


The options for online secondhand shopping are seemingly endless, with shops from all the above categories also online. You can buy from both businesses who have collected the items, or from individual's selling their old clothes directly.

TRY Poshmark, Twice, Threadflip , and eBay (of course), 

Where do you most love to shop secondhand?