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Choosing your life takes courage. Living intentionally is stopping floating along with the current and instead standing up on the edge. That edge feels vulnerable, because when you know what you want from life, you also know when you don’t have what you want—and it seems like everyone else will see it too—you know, see the you, standing up on that edge with all the things you don’t have. But once you get up on that edge (we’re sticking with this metaphor apparently) you see everything you couldn’t see while you were just floating along. And your life, it becomes so much fuller.

I didn’t know that this is what this blog—or my life—would become when I started. But today, I'm so passionate about passion itself. Passion that drives you to live fuller, be courageously intentional, and create a meaningfully beautiful life that you choose.

And I want to keep spreading this passion around, because I believe passion, like happiness, is totally contagious. It's inside all of us, and all it can take is cutting away the excess and the negativity to reveal our passion (and bring total happiness). 

This weekly newsletter is for you—passionate person, creative spirit, and happiness chaser. There is a lot that goes into creating a beautiful life for ourselves, some of it ugly, some of it scary, and some of it is vulnerable. But all of it is so worth it.

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