I thought I would have it figured out by now

 One year(!) and one week ago I started this blog and it's been a thousand things. It's been passion, it's been late nights writing, it's been photos with closed eyes and awkward hands, it's been community, it's been stress, it's been adventure, it's been following advice, and it's been breaking rules. It's been personal growth, It's been a whole lot of me and it's been you. But, if you had asked me a year ago, I thought it would have been figured out by now.

 I don't have it figured out yet. But what I have is almost as good; confidence that I will figure it out. 

I believe in living a beautiful life. And I don't believe this beautiful life has to come at the expense of our wallet, our ethics, our fellow humans, our environment—or anything else for that matter. That's what I'm about and that's what I want to share with you here. Together, I want us to live a little more intentionally, a little kinder, and above all, daringly and contagiously beautifully.

Wanderdust Collage via rebecca-jacobs.comp3.jpg

Thanks for reading. 

I hope today you live daringly beautifully.