Currently Obsessing Over // 5 Great Podcasts

Podcasts have become a huge part of my daily life. I listen to them in the mornings, while walking my dog, getting ready, or 'pinning' my daily inspiration. I listen to them while executing concepts in the studio. AND I've even got Jon into them! Enough so that we spend some weekend afternoons sitting side by side on our computers (sad I know; life with a side hustle) listening to a podcast over the speakers. After our podcast/work session, we'll discuss and google more in depth the topics and stories from the podcast. Because that's what podcasts do—feed your thirst to learn.

In the spirit of podcast love, here are 5 of my favourite podcasts. And they're all available on iTunes.

THE LIVELY SHOW This might be my favourite podcast and I'm still working through the well-stocked archive. Jess Lively has shaped her life and her career around living from value-based intentions and helping others do the same. Jess has rounded up some of the nicest people on the internet, from fashion bloggers, to entrepreneurial experts, to share their story and give their advice so honestly.
A favourite: Minimalism, design, & mental health with Kate Arends (available here + on iTunes) 

AFTER THE JUMP I feel like as creative design-y folk Grace Bonney of Design Sponge is kind of our tribe leader. She's also the host of this podcast where she interviews successful and inspirational creatives, and shares her own advice on things like overcoming fear and productivity. 
A favourite: Episode 92 with Emma Tuccillo of And North (here + on iTunes)

BEING BOSS The core of this show is summed up pretty well in their tagline: a podcast for creative entrepreneurs with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. This podcast features a lot of actionable advice, and they give it quite candidly.
A favourite: Redefining the Dream Job with Elise and Scott Grice of Hey, Sweet Pea (here + on iTunes)

THIS AMERICAN LIFE This a shared favourite of Jon and I. Unlike the above three podcasts, this one is not interviews or advice-sharing, nor is it focused on creatives or entrepreneurs. Instead, it tells stories, linked by a theme. The episodes are always interesting and can expose things that are going on right next door, that I had no idea about. 
A favourite: Episode 515 Good Guys (available here

STRANGERS This is another storytelling one that always gets me. I'm going to quote the podcast description since I think it says it so perfectly; Strangers podcast is "true stories about people we meet, the heartbreaks we suffer, the kindnesses we encounter, and those frightful moments when we discover that WE aren't even who we thought we were…"
A favourite: Big Jim and Smokey Joe (here + on iTunes)

PLUS!! COMING SOON: Make It Happen a podcast for bloggers & creatives that I could not be more excited for! Brought to us by one of my favourite fellow bloggers, Jen of JennypurrWe all know I love Jennypurr and I know this podcast will be as motivational, helpful, and authentic as Jen has been every step of the way with her blog. We can expect it's debut coming very soon, so make sure you're subscribed.

Are you an avid podcast listener? What are some of your favourite podcast? And when do you listen to them?