Seventies: Flares + seude

I have been looking for bell-bottoms for over a year now. Hoping to find the perfect vintage pair, I struck out again and again. I didn't think that when I finally found my bell-bottoms they would come in the form of white distressed denim on a Zara rack, but that is how it went and that is now what I am wearing obsessively.

— What I wore —

seventies style via

Zara: Flares: here Suede: here Shoes: similar

When I'm not wearing blue jeans, I like to match my shoes to by pants. I'm not sure if I can explain the why behind this, but I feel like it helps with the "flow" of my outfit (whatever I mean by that.)

seventies style-flares seude-2.jpg
seventies style-flares seude-1.jpg
seventies style via
seventies style via
seventies style via
seventies style via

And a quick what's going on over here: well, I've launched a newsletter and the first Beautiful Life Letter landed in inboxes on Monday (YAY!). My design studio has seen a pretty steady "busyness", and I'm gearing up to move in September (that's a long time away but Type A over here, so I am starting to go through + sell all my possessions now!) You'll also notice an adjusted blog schedule. I plan to share an outfit post once a week and have one or two other posts a week that will be designed to help you live your life beautifully (like this and this!) How does that sound, guys?

Happy Wednesday! Let's catch-up: what's going on in your life lately?



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