5 Tips for Transitioning your Winter Wardrobe into Spring (when the weather is not spring)

 After a long cold winter, come March I am ready. I am so ready to ditch the coats, gloves, boots—and wear dresses, bare-legged in spring bliss. Of course, being in Ontario, the weather and I are not on the same page. So how can my wardrobe embrace spring with or without mother nature's help? That is the question I have been asking every year. And here's what I got:

5 Tips for transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring (even when the weather isn't quite there yet) 


Remove the fur

I'm not sure that anything feels more winter fashion than fur—even in the smallest amounts. Embrace spring by retiring the fur accessories. If you're still stuck wearing your fur-trimmed winter coat (I feel ya) check to see if you can remove the fur for a springy-er look with all the warmth.


Show some ankle

CUFF&ROLL your jeans and other pants. If the weather is still on the chilly side,  nude-coloured knee-highs under my pants are my secret weapon. 
PAIR WITH THE RIGHT SHOE Choose styles that sit below the ankle bone: low-cut booties, pumps, and sneakers are all great options for adding some spring (ha) in your step.


Same accessories, different material

HATS Ditch the beanies and toques for brimmed hats and fedora styles. Having the top of your head covered helps keep you warm on those not-so-spring days.
SCARVES Switch your knit scarves for lighter materials, like cottons and silks. Opt for the flow-y-ness of square scarves over the coziness of circle scarves.


No more tights

Aside from fur, black opaque tights may be the next most winter-y item in our wardrobes. So put those away with your snow boots. If the weather isn't quite conducive to bare legs, try pairing your spring dresses with light-wash denim or ripped jeans instead of dark nylons.


Layer smart

You can still wear those cozy pieces you've wearing all winter, so long as your other layers say spring. Think of this ratio: 2 spring pieces for your winter piece. Pair big knit sweaters with a shorter jacket on top, and a silk shirt poking out from underneath. If your still stuck wearing your long wool coat, layer shirts, tunics, and cardigans underneath instead of your oversized sweaters, and maybe add a pop with a statement necklace or a floral print.

Your turn. Do you face the same struggle? What are your best tips for embracing spring when mother nature's still in winter?