The lowdown on basics

I wouldn’t call “basics” a must-have as much as an inevitable. Your basics are your versatile pieces. They mix and match effortlessly with most of your wardrobe, you reach for them regularly, and you always feel comfortable in them.

Your basics don’t have to look like everyone else’s basics. Your basics don’t have to be plain t-shirts and jeans or come from your store’s basics line. They just need to meet the criteria:
effortlessly pair with many items of your wardrobe,
you love wearing them,
and you feel comfortable wearing them.

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T-shirt: vintage  Skirt: vintage slip (check the lingerie section of your thrift store) Belt: thrifted, similar | D'orsay flats: Zara, similar

This vintage slip has become a basic in my summer closet. And since I’ve embraced it as a basic, I’ve gotten so much joy out of wearing it.

Being a basic means I can wear it multiple times a week.
Being a basic means I can get creative in my pairings.
Being a basic means if I saw it in black I could buy it (too bad it’s vintage).
Being a basic means I get to feel like myself in my signature style every time I wear it.

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So today, I challenge you to re-think your basics. Think beyond what the magazines and stores call “basics” and choose your own basics.

Forever a believer that style is less rules and more listening to your own style voice.

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