Don't waste your golden hours

Quickly after starting this blog I became burnt out. I was working full-time and burning the candle at both ends as they say. Staying up late to work on the blog and waking up to go to the gym before commuting to work—or you know, hitting snooze a bunch of times instead of going to the gym. Now I still work full-time plus my side hustle, but with a lot less burnout. Some of this come from finding balance but the main difference: I stopped wasting my golden hours. 

Like the golden hour in photography, our golden hours are the most beautiful time of day for us creatives. When you feel at your best—your head is clear, your eyes wide open, your heart happy and the creative juices flowing—this is your golden hour. This is your time to do what's most important to you, and what requires the best you to do. 

My golden hours are in my first few hours after waking—a morning person as they say. By spending my first few hours at the gym and commuting I was wasting them. Now I've restructured my days to get up earlier so I spend three golden hours working on passion projects before heading into the studio for the day. All that other stuff that filled up my golden hours; gym, making my lunch, etc. moves to the evening when my brain is a little less "golden".

Today I encourage you to live your golden hours to the fullest—do what is most important to you and know that in that moment no one else could do it like you.