Step 1: 2-question survey

Other admin: you should have received an email with your appointment from Acuity scheduling. If you need to change them, you can do so through the email or reach out to me!


Step 2: Your pre-work

In this folder you can find 3 documents:

  1. Questionnaire (about 10-20 minutes to complete)
  2. Pinterest exercise (5-10 mins or longer if you don’t already have a Pinterest board started)
  3. The instructions for a super fun photo challenge (that will require you to photograph your outfit for a week in your life as well as 1-3 outfits you know you feel great in.

*You need to complete this work 48 hours before our first session :) When you are done, come back here and press the purple button at the bottom of this section to let me know!

While you are filling out the survey…
Have a drink on me! To celebrate you for taking this step and to cozy up with while you fill out your style questionnaire, I have a Starbucks card for you.

Click here to claim your e-coffee card! 

All done?


Woo! Celebrate all the style work you are doing already—and get excited to keep growing together :)

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