Save your decision-making for what matters most.


Getting dressed is not your most important task today.

Yet, how you feel in your own skin will affect every other task you work on, every decision you make, and every person you interact with today.


if you…

If you want to make a powerful impact, you need to show up powerfully and intentionally.

If you want to be a leader you need to physically be seen as a leader {and you are person #1 who needs to see yourself as the woman you want to be.}

You are *not* showing up fully when you feel like you’re choosing between a) being dressed like a college student or b) playing dress-up in “adult clothes” that do not feel like you. 

We’ve all been here—when you go  from feeling like a #boss working at home in your yoga pants, to feeling like a *fraud* when you’re getting dressed for anything from filming a video, to visiting a coffee shop, to attending a conference.


Here’s what you might not know:

You can have killer style and spend less time, money, and decision-making power on it than you are now.


✓ Your best style is simple.

✓ Your best style requires less of your time + energy.

✓ Your best style comes as easily and effortlessly as brushing your teeth.

✓ Your best style is compelling, comfortable, and distinctively you.

You don’t need to buy another outfit before an event.

You don’t need to spend another hour online shopping.

Save your money, save your time, and set yourself up for effortless style.


”Rebecca did this. With her style systems, I left myself 4 minutes between getting out of bed and leaving the house and knew I would end up in something I loved.” —Sonja

{After receiving compliments all day in her flowered blouse and comfortable but chic pencil skirt.}

Simplified Style Package
{the capsule wardrobe builder}

  • 2 sessions 1:1 with me—virtual video chats: the first one is a quick consult for me to get to know you and at the second I walk you through your new and dreamy wardrobe
  • The map to your own dreamy capsule wardrobe—after getting to know you and your best style, I identify the 9 types of pieces for your wardrobe that look great on your body and create many interchangeable outfits
  • A wardrobe built for you and your life. This isn’t cookie-cutter style. Not only does it feel like you, but it works for what makes up your life—whether it’s ”I don’t like to wear heels” or “I spend most of my time on Skype and video from the waist up only.”
  • Accessorizing made easy—which shoe to wear with each outfit and how to work in your signature accessories
  • Your colour palette—a breakdown of what colours to wear (colours you love!) and how to wear them, mix them, and layer them!
  • Optional: shopping done for you—I can even do the sourcing to find these pieces for you in the real world! I’ll hook you up with product links for each piece to order online + have shipped right to you.

Packages start at $495 USD

Or book a free call to chat first.

Here’s what this package is about:

Simple systems. A process you can walk yourself through no matter what you are getting dressed for that is so deliciously easy that it feels like brushing your teeth. (And takes the same amount of time too!)

Fewer clothes; more outfits. Hell yeah. We set your wardrobe up to be one cohesive + effective system full of interchangeable—and irresistible—outfit possibilities.

Saving your decision-making capacity for what matters. If all the options available to you make you feel good, you can create outfits on auto-pilot and save your brain power for the decisions that are most important.

Saving time. Girlfriend, you can sleep in later or spend those 10 more minutes on your morning routine. Feel confident, you can go to your wardrobe and pull out an outfit you love in 60 seconds flat.

Earning more money. If you’re style isn’t helping your business thrive; it’s holding you back. Show up for yourself, your business, and the people you’re interacting with as the person you want to be so that you can attract more of the right people and opportunities to you (and feel confident in communicating your value.)


You need a simplified style to support you in where you’re going. You need to remove that hurdle you have to fight against and climb over every time you get dressed. You need to stop missing opportunities because your style isn’t on the same level as you.

This is the set it and forget option that gives you a simplified achievable style that finally supports you and your bigger dreams.

You can’t afford not to do this. Get your style out of your own way, get back to what’s important.