Stage-ready style, STAT.

Power outfits made-easy for your:
– speaking gig,
– upcoming conference,
– the video you are filming,
– or the photoshoot you’ve been putting off having.


Making a compelling and powerful impression is the force that builds relationships, businesses, and income.

→ Stop finding yourself feeling sabotaged by your style.

→ Commit to living without the envy + comparison that seeps in as soon you find yourself surrounded by powerful, well-dressed women {because we all know that takes your vibration from up here to down there real fast.}

Whether you’re getting dressed for speaking at a conference, attending one, or showing up on camera for a video or photoshoot—this package will give you something great to wear from your own closet.


Here’s the deal:

You stop wasting your time and money running out to buy something you’ll wear one time for one event.

And instead we do this:


We meet for 90 minutes—in-person or via Skype.
In that time:

I help you uncover 2-3 power outfits that are already in your closet and you just don’t know how to put together. I give you what to buy next to take your power outfits to the next level.

These outfits will be ones you can interchange, modify, and swap out elements to keep wearing them again and again (although to everyone else they will look brand new!)


You don’t need a new outfit. (I mean, when has that led to sustainable results for you?)

You need to understand what makes an effective outfit on your unique body and what aesthetic reflects your unique vibe and personality so that you can take the stage with confidence, attract all the right people, and focus on why you’re in the room.

You need to understand how to make the great pieces you have (I guarantee you have!) be more versatile and go farther—so that the next time you have an event you can repeat this feel-good process over again.


”Working with Rebecca has made the decision-making-overload of getting dressed way less intense. I have a new sense of peace and clarity when it comes to choosing outfits that I’ve never had before. It feels so nice!” —Niki, virtual Skype sessions



What you’re getting:
>> 90-minutes session {in-person or via Skype}
>> 3 power outfits from your closet; a guide for what to buy next.

$197 USD

Working together, I’ll guide you to:
>> create outfits out of what you *already* have
>> learn what makes an effective outfit, and how to dress for the impact you want to have
>> be seen as a leader and attract the right people to you at your next in-person event or photo shoot
>> save money—break the stressful + expensive habit of running out to buy something new before every. damn. event. 

All the outfits we will create will look good on camera, so rest assured whether you are dressing for a photoshoot or an event that might have a photographer, you’ll get photos you’ll love using.

“You make me feel like I can live my life the way I want to! You give me confidence and have taught me how to know what I am looking for when I buy clothes. It goes a lot deeper than just outfits and you know it and share this idea with us.” —Angela, virtual mini-session