You might be hesitant right now about investing in a personal stylist because you've already spent what feels like so much money on clothes you didn’t wear—and you feel like all that money has been wasted.

I want you to know, that money doesn’t have to be wasted.

We will learn from each piece that wasn’t right—and that knowledge and growth will be worth even more than you paid for the piece.

Investing in this work and education is the long game. You’ll pay money upfront to work together, but then you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to spend strategically, so you’ll buy less, and stop spending money on clothes you won’t wear.


What really stands out to me about this offering is how personal it is & feels. This shines through in your attention/attentiveness, your listening ear, your intuition, your compassion & empathy for the process that is truly felt.

I am already thinking differently and relating differently with my closet and my body as a result of our meetings.

Really, I can't say enough good things about working with you and the work that you do. I love how down to earth, realistic, actionable & transformative it truly is.

– Sonja, retreat founder and singer/songwriter