Working with Rebecca has 100% transformed my life. Now, I feel more confident as a leader. I feel at home in my own skin and comfortable and stylish in the clothes I’m wearing. I feel respected and others are responding to me differently—I am being noticed more, in a positive way. It's a life-changing win-win.

–SONJA, retreat founder, singer/songwriter


Does your style feel all over the place?”


And your everyday sound a little like this…

You buy pieces you think you like, and you have a closet full of clothes, yet when you go to get dressed you feel defeated.

There’s a big pile of clothes on your bed, you feel like you have nothing to wear, and whatever you end up in gives you comparison-itis when you pass a stylishly dressed woman.

The most frustrating part: you think you should be able to figure this out.

You know if you bought the right pieces, you could spend less money and feel great.

Yet whenever you buy something new, it’s only a temporary solution. After a few days, you’re left with less money and the feeling of nothing to wear again.

{ This was my story too. }

How to hire a personal stylist on a budget

Despite how mornings with your closet can make you feel, I want you to know this:
you are not “bad” at style.

You are simply practicing style the way you’ve learnt to do style—and to cure this nothing-to-wear disease you need to learn a different way.


i’ll teach you a better way


A better way where you can head over to your closet full of things you’re excited to wear (that you bought without breaking your budget.)

You see one of the skirts you love, and know 5 things that will go great with it (even though you haven’t tried them on together yet.)

The outfit you leave the house in is:
- the first one you try on that day,
- the one you get complimented on,
- the one you rock a dream client meeting in,
- and the one you head out for impromptu drinks wearing.

All with confidence to speak your mind, share your gifts, and enjoy your life in.


This effortless elegance IS attainable for you—no matter how you feel about your style right now.

And the secret to achieving it is 2-part.

It’s this 2-part cocktail of style I guide you through when we work together.


MY MAGIC SAUCE {the 2-part cocktail of style I teach}

Part 1 {art}

We draw you out. We make our way through the fear and insecurities you’re carrying and get to the heart of your style. We look at your closet, we lean into your creativity, into your confidence—into you—and I help you see how that translate into clothes.

Part 2 {science}

We systemize it. I teach you the formulas and recipes that are unique to you—so that you can follow them for effortless chic whatever your budget.

(It’s this system half of style that nobody taught you.)

Just how magic is it?

“When it came to how I looked, I felt completely all over the place. Every morning I already felt defeated, because I wasn't excited about what I was wearing.

I didn't feel very confident because most of the outfits I had were uncomfortable, too tight, or didn't fit well, and made me feel so self conscious. Most of the favourite clothing that I did wear, although comfortable, was worn as a way to "hide" myself and areas of my body.   

After the sessions with you, I'm looking at my closet completely differently. Seeing how I can put things together in a totally different way. And how to use some of the special pieces I own, instead of letting them collect dust because they don't "match". I am also looking forward to paring my closet down a bit to make space for some new special pieces down the line.

Now, I feel SO much more confident—in my ability to choose outfits and make purchases that work well together, AND that fit ME and my personality. I've struggled for a long time with body image, and the systems and suggestions made me realize that I can wear things that are comfortable and can make me confident at the same time.

I learned that I no longer need to hide. And that style is not just what is on the pages of a magazine. That I can make it my own, as a reflection of my own spirit and creativity. I'm much less stressed and now exciting about building a dream wardrobe!”

– Amber, photographer and creative entrepreneur



“Before working with Rebecca, the way I felt about myself, style, and body was all over the place; some days: good, other days: terrible.

After working together, I feel a reduced sense of panic when I get up in the morning. Rather than starting from scratch every day, I already am applying the "formulas" to create simple (and cute) outfits in way less time than before.

As I apply more of the education and guidelines, I know that feeling will multiply!”

– Niki, Corporate account Intelligence Executive


style foundations package

The investment: $800 USD or 3 monthly payments of $280 USD



TWO 2-HOUR STYLE SESSIONS in person or Skype

In these sessions we take the style you didn’t even know you had—the style of the person you are on the inside + want to be on the outside—and combine it with science and systems to give you the tools you need to create effortless elegance and confidence in your personal style.


Our sessions are chocked-full of education—and I want it to stick. So I put everything we cover (+ more!) into a custom-made-for-you Stylish Guidebook—that you get to keep.

The guidebook shows you exactly how to share who you are through your style, contains your personalized formulas that make getting dressed feel effortless and make you and your body feel amazing, and guides you through downsizing the bad of your closet and only bringing in the really really good.

And the best part? It has growth built right in.


The specifics within the guidebook are so helpful. You have thought of things we need to know before we even thought we might like to know them and included them in the guidebook.

I love how there is growth built right in, in the form of riffing off of the formulas, or examples of how we can expand our creativity while still staying true to our core style values.

Everyone likes options, but to have them curated for you personally is SUCH a treat. -Sonja


after our sessions…

You will feel a new sense of peace and clarity when it comes to making decisions about what to wear and what to buy.

You’ll never have to feel like you’re lost, or like you’re starting from scratch again.

You’ll feel confident in your ability to choose outfits and make purchases that work together AND fit your body, style, and personality.

You’ll get dressed in less time with less stress.

You’ll spend money on clothes you’re wearing and make you feel great. (And stop spending money on the things that don’t.)


Are you ready to start feeling more peace, clarity, and confidence in your personal style?

Wanna chat first? Click here.

You might be hesitant right now about investing in a personal stylist because you've already spent what feels like so much money on clothes you didn’t wear—and you feel like all that money has been wasted.

I want you to know, that money doesn’t have to be wasted.

We will learn from each piece that wasn’t right—and that knowledge and growth will be worth even more than you paid for the piece.

Investing in this work and education is the long game. You’ll pay money upfront to work together, but then you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to spend strategically, so you’ll buy less, and stop spending money on clothes you won’t wear.


What really stands out to me about this offering is how personal it is & feels. This shines through in your attention/attentiveness, your listening ear, your intuition, your compassion & empathy for the process that is truly felt.

I am already thinking differently and relating differently with my closet and my body as a result of our meetings.

Really, I can't say enough good things about working with you and the work that you do. I love how down to earth, realistic, actionable & transformative it truly is.

– Sonja, retreat founder and singer/songwriter