Your best self is styled better.


{Or else, your style is keeping you small + holding you back.}


Your problem: you thought you could opt-out of style.

Newsflash, girlfriend: as long as you aren’t a nudist, you are still putting on clothes every. single. day.

And those clothes are affecting what people think of you and—way more importantly—those clothes are affecting how you think and feel about yourself.

The only thing you opted out of was feeling good in your clothes.

The only thing you opted out of was the power and presence you could be showing up with if only the outside matched the inside.

That energy of how you feel about yourself—of what you see in the mirror and how you feel in your own skin—you’re bringing it with you to everything you do.

Make it the energy you want to be bringing.


Working with Rebecca has 100% transformed my life. Now, I feel more confident as a leader. I feel at home in my own skin and comfortable and stylish in the clothes I’m wearing. I feel respected and others are responding to me differently—I am being noticed more, in a positive way. It's a life-changing win-win.

–SONJA, retreat founder, singer/songwriter


⠀I help powerful women, like you, create purposeful style. ⠀


where i’ve been featured:

My style is based off how you want to feel (not ambiguous rules and categories.)

My style is built for #reallife. With a bit of work together up front, it works effortlessly in your everyday.

My style has you showing up confidently and compellingly because your outside is finally! in alignment with who you are and where you are going.

Most women don’t get to experience this shift. They continue to settle for feeling “meh, good enough” everyday. They never make how they feel a priority. And therefore never get to experience the confidence, the powerful presence, the alignment that style can bring.

You’re one of the few who’s choosing a life of thriving instead of settling—this work is for you.

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No matter where you are in the world you are, I want you to experience this.
We can work in-person in home sweet Toronto or we can work together virtually through the magic of technology.

  If your style isn’t helping you + your business thrive, it’s holding your dreams back.  
  “Meh, good enough” is not helping you thrive.  


This is what you’ve been missing.

No one taught you a good way to do style. (In fact, you’ve been pretty much set up to struggle.)

That’s why you start every day off feeling defeated, wearing the same outfits all the time that you don’t even feel amazing in.

This is why you feel like your body is impossible to dress. (BTW, it’s not—I promise.)

You don’t know what your style is, you don’t trust your own decisions and taste. (“Does this even look good on me?”)

You’ve been missing out.


 the women who work with me…  

Go to their closet feeling joyful and at ease because of all the great options they have (and they have the peaceful confidence of knowing just how to put them together into an outfit perfectly suited for today.)

They prep for a client meeting, networking event, or teaching a class, by confidently grabbing one of several power outfits from their closet (or maybe just a power top + necklace combo for your Skype meetings + teaching {wink}.)

They smile at their reflection, loving what they see because it finally looks like “me” and it finally feels like becoming the person they want to be.

They save money being able to easily budget + shop intentionally—never again wasting money on clothes they won’t wear.

They earn more money and have thriving relationships. Because they know who they are and they’re communicating it effectively to others.

They confidently accept compliments, and own their signature style with inner power and grace.

By embracing their own beauty and dressing with confident, their impact ripples out and gives more women the permission to do the same.

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“Now, I feel SO much more confident—in my ability to choose outfits and make purchases that work well together, AND that fit ME and my personality. I've struggled for a long time with body image, and the systems and suggestions made me realize that I can wear things that are comfortable and can make me confident at the same time.

“I learned that I no longer need to hide. And that style is not just what is on the pages of a magazine. That I can make it my own, as a reflection of my own spirit and creativity. I'm much less stressed and now exciting about building a dream wardrobe!”
– AMBER, photographer and creative entrepreneur


My 3 steps to feel-good style: ⠀

Together we move through these 3 phases:

1. we get clarity in your style. We look at your thoughts and stories you’re believing about your style. We identify your style goals and style stumbling blocks. Most importantly, we figure out how you want to look + feel.

2 . we translate your style into clothes (I speak fluently.) We take the abstract thing that is your unique personal style, and figure out what exactly this look likes. What shapes work best on your body, what clothing makes you come alive.

3 . we systematize it + make it easy for you in your everyday. We take the clothing that makes up your style zone of genius and turn it into systems that make it effortlessly achievable.

You’ll never be at a loss for what to wear or buy again.


where do you need to live to work together?

Although, I live in home sweet Toronto I work with women anywhere in the world. Here’s how:


Our sessions are a mix of:

  1. us talking through your goals, challenges, and the stories + mindset holding you back
  2. me teaching, strategizing, and showing you samples I put together just for you, and
  3. us looking at specific pieces from your closet.

This means we can do this style thing whether we’re sitting down in your apartment in the 6ix or with our chai teas + laptops, face-to-face via Skype.


You know that to get to the next level in your business, you have to get to the next level in yourself. And style—something you interact with every day, something that is present both when you’re alone and when you connect with others—was imperative.

If your style isn’t helping you + your business thrive, it’s holding your dreams back.

Choose to thrive.