Your problem: at some point you tried to opt out of style. You felt like you weren’t destined to be good at it, that there was always something more important for you to spend your time (and money) on—and, also, it’s who you are on the inside that matters most anyway, right?!

Here’s the thing, girlfriend: you didn’t opt out of style. (Because you can’t meet a client, start a conversation, be on video or in photos, pass by a mirror or sit at your computer with yourself, without your style being there.)

You opted out of feeling good in your clothes—in your body—every day.

You opted out of showing up with power + presence.

Whether you’re alone at a laptop, or out there connecting with humans, your style is there—and you’re either feeling great about it or you’re feeling pretty “meh” not good about it.

How you feel about yourself—how you feel in your own body and clothing—you bring that with you in everything you do and to everyone you meet.