style fairygodmother
basically my life coach

- things my clients + friends have called me


down to earth + open combined with mega smarts + capability
tells it like it is + values-driven
wildly intentional
a little intense

- other things my friends + clients have called me


when people ask me what i do i usually say…
I help women show up as their best selves.

but what i really wanna say is…
I help people see themselves for how powerful + beautiful they truly are so they can live a life they didn’t know was possible.

and what i really, really want to say is that…
I go to the gym every day, dance to my favourite disco song, thoroughly enjoy my morning cup of coffee, challenge my own beliefs + push my own edges, and throw my head back in laughter.

That I mostly just work on being the person I want to be and having the most fun I can have—because the more lit up I make me, the greater my life, my business, and my ability to have impact get.


hi, i’m rebecca.

You probably figured out that reimaging what our style can do is my jam.

I make videos, speak, and teach my online style class, Style in Alignment, to help more of us let go of the pressure + expectations of how we should look, and step into our most alive and expressed selves.

People come to me when they are committed to being their best self and having their best life…and realise what they wear every day makes them feel like an unremarkable human who definitely does not want to run into anyone the know today. Sound familiar?

I teach style strategies + systems made for real people with real lives and budgets—that make their best style and their Pinterest boards no longer an aspiration but a reality.

If you want more info on my media appearances, click here.

Rebecca Jacobs toronto

five facts


I am obsessed with Toronto and the life I’ve built here. I fully believe it is the best place in the world to live when it’s not winter (which in fairness, it is for like 8 months of the year.)


I’m all in or all out. I go to the gym every single morning (because it’s 100X easier to me than going 4 times a week), I honour my commitments (or just refuse to make them), I eat the whole chocolate bar (with full knowledge of the impeding stomach ache.)


Movies feel like too long to sit silently through so I very rarely watch any. But I do watch every episode of Homeland, Scandal, How to get away with Murder, + any other political crime thriller with a strong female lead.


I get uber excited by the small things. When light pours in the window, when I run out to get a coffee and the breeze blows + birds chirp, a really good taco or margherita pizza.


I’m a double virgo. Which makes my friends laugh because it explains why my intensity is 100% and my podcasts are on 2X.


about Style in Alignment:

Style in Alignment is the name of my signature mentorship + education program that teaches you how to create your dream style—forever.

More than a program, it’s a system—a philosophy—a better way for us all to do style.

Style in Alignment is what I teach in every youtube video and Instagram story, and how I live my life.

Style in Alignment is when you finally let go of the pressure and expectations of how you “should” look, and step into your most alive and expressed self.

Style in Alignment is when you prioritize how you want to feel over how you think others want you to be.

Style in Alignment is cultivating true unshakeable confidence, radical clarity in your who you are, and wild intention for making this life the best life.

Style in Alignment is available to you right now.



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