Ignite Your Style Challenge

Stop feeling meh, start looking like your best self.

You’re a little late to the party—but not too late! You can still join + get access to all the videos so far and join us for the rest of the week in real time!

Commit to getting dressed in something you love for 5 days and experience the impact how you feel has on everything you do.

I’ll be sharing my style expertise + tips each day to help you find that something you love already in your closet.

I guarantee you already have something you love in your closet—it’s just hiding like it’s in witness protection between the dress with the tags still on, the only 2 shirts you wear, and that top you ran out and bought, wore once right away and never since…


Want more info? Press play…


some of what the community shared during the last challenge:


Join us this round:

Everyone is welcome + we would love to have you!


In this totally free week, I’m going to show you my formula for creating outfits that feel good, and a signature style that feels like you.



we’ll learn:

>>  how to uncover your signature style

>> how to better curate your wardrobe—so that your pieces are more versatile and getting dressed is easier

>> how to dress and flatter the body you have right now

>> how to create more confidence and power in how you’re showing up

…and—the best part—you’ll have all these breakthroughs using what you *already* have in your closet!


“You make me feel like I can live my life the way I want to! You give me confidence and have taught me how to know what I am looking for when I buy clothes. It goes a lot deeper than just outfits and you know it and share this idea with us.” –Angela


We’re about to get started.
You coming?


meet your community

One of my favourite things about this experience is the amazing women who take part, share their takeaways, and encourage you.

We connect + share over on Instagram—and you know when you post your outfit shots, share your takeaways, or want to be inspired you’ll have a whole tribe of women like you to encourage you.

Knowledge + accountability = action

This tribe and myself will be cheering you on, leaving you comments of encouragement, and saying “i feel that too!”


meet your guide + style mentor…

Hey, I’m Rebecca. There was a point in time for me (also known as my entire teenage and young adult life) where style didn’t feel good.

I was spending too much money, feeling stressed as I got dressed in one thing then frantically ripped it off and put on another, feeling insecure as I showed up to an event where I immediately realised everyone looked better than me.

I was settling for “meh, good enough”, I was allowing myself to experience resistance each time I got dressed (which hey, turns out that is every single day of my life), and—worst of all—I was letting it affect how I showed up and connected with others—acting as a barrier between me and the life I wanted.

Until I decided eff that—I was made for more than this.

I was made to shine, to feel good in my skin, to have the outside reflect the inside.

And so are you.

Through my style journey, I learnt the style science and tools I could use to wear what I wanted to and flatter my body. Over time, I started to set up some systems for style that made wearing outfits I love the default instead of the exception.

And I realised that the way we are set up to do style is totally bananas.

There’s a better way to do style. And my commitment is to help more women experience the difference that feel-good aligned style makes.

Today, I’ve worked with women all over the world committed to a thriving life, to stop settling when it comes to style. I help them uncover their signature style that is both aligned with who they are, and also simplified so that they are spending less time and money and making less decisions each day.

New clothes isn’t the answer; a new way to do style is.

I’ll teach you for free.

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