Style in Alignment {pilot program}

Style in Alignment {pilot program}


closes Tuesday April 11 9pm EST

What you get:

4X Live classes (with recorded video + pre-submit your questions)
Bonus Getting to Know Your Body, Your Closet, Your Heart journaling guide
Access to me! (Direct coaching + feedback, and answers to your Q's every week on the calls!)

Week 1 - How do you want to feel? {April 27}

  • the right way of finding your style (it’s not what you think)

  • finding overlaps between what we need to wear + want to wear

  • matching the outside to the inside

  • identifying your style zone of genius (so instead of all over the place, your live only in your best style.)

Week 2 - Style Science {May 4}

  • how-to dress your challenging body type (& a toolbox of tips for how to make any style work for you.)

  • looking good in flats and other comfortable clothing

  • mixing colours, patterns, and styles oh my!

  • creating your perfect silhouette + colour palette

Week 3 - Style Minded {May 11}

  • ending impulsive purchases and never-good-enough-ness

  • cultivating confidence (so you can wear what you want to wear, feel good about it, and be noticed for it)

  • overcoming fear of what people will think (the ingredient your style needs to flourish)

  • dressing for your body instead of against it

Week 4 - Implementing your style {May 18}

  • creating feel-good outfits out of what you already have

  • how-to clean out your closet

  • creating your shopping list (how to prioritize what to buy first)

  • where to find the pieces you want in the real world (and navigating the world of online shopping)

Afterwards you’ll:

>> have a clear signature style you love

>> spend less money and feel more satisfied in your wardrobe

>> save time every day (no more stressing + trying on #allthethings)

>> trust your own judgement—no more questioning if this actually looks good on you, should you buy this, can you wear this top with these pants; you’ll just know.

>> look better + feel more authentic because you’ll know your style zone of genius, how to make the styles you love work on your body, and you’ll have exfoliated all the excess

>> be noticed more + feel confident in your own skin (what would you go on to do with this added confidence boost—what does next level you’s life look like?)

These will all be 60-90 minute online live trainings.

I invite you to join me on the calls. I’ll teach the lesson first and then you can ask your questions about what you just learnt, or any previous lessons.

These will all be recorded for if you can’t make it live (or for if you want to rewatch). It will also be easy to submit questions in advance.

I hope to see you inside!

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