AVOID consumerism, comparison + conflict.

FIND clarity, confidence + joy in your holiday style.

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3 Video trainings over 7 days—each with an action step you can take to spend the holidays feeling good instead of anxious.


VIDEO 1: We overcome consumerism.

The pull to buy things you don’t need is at an all-time high this time of year.

Break the cycle of feeling like you need to run out and buy a new dress for this party, and a new one for that party too.

Feel peaceful and satisfied with what you already have.


VIDEO 2: We overcome comparison.

When you feel fine—maybe even good—about yourself…until you walk into a room with people who all seem better dressed and more put together than you.

Confidence zapped.

Instead of comparing yourself and coming up short, show up to every holiday party with unshakeable confidence.


VIDEO 3: We overcome conflict.

Our mother who comments on our weight, a relative who tells us we need to dress a certain way, or someone we’re nervous to run into and have to talk to—all areas of conflict that can come up this kind of year.

Instead of feeling defensive or having your confidence undermined, let’s use these moments as opportunities to strengthen our confidence and joy.

…and it’s totally free.

join us!  

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