day 1

your action step:

Clean out your closet {or at least the part of it you see every day}

1. Move out of your closet everything that isn’t serving you in this moment {doesn’t fit, wrong season, you don’t love it, you don’t have anything to wear with it…} and remember you don’t need to get rid of it completely—just move it out of the centre of your closet. 

2. Have fun trying on new outfits and snap a photo of any ones you love!

connect + share

Share a new outfit you find, what you’re getting rid of, or anything else using the hashtag #HolidayStyleChallenge. Browse the hashtag and leave comments to encourage the fellow challenge-doers.

Share how you feel afterwards on our Day 1 post on my IG profile. You can use these posts to share your takeaways and challenges, ask your questions, and connect with each other.

ig live

Your Day 1 questions answered and bonus tips for editing and organizing your closet: