day 2

your action step:

Vision your future self + use it to create a ‘power accessory’

1. Visioning Exercise: Picture yourself in the future giving a TED talk (and totally killing it.) What is this future you wearing? What does she wear to go to a holiday party?

2. Journal: To get an even clearer picture—journal! Here are some prompts:
Who is your best self how does she dress?
Who is your future self how does she dress?
What makes you magical, unique, and brilliant? 

3. Create a power accessory based on these visioning exercises. Bring a part of this future you into right now with something you can reach to this holiday season. Whether it’s red lipstick, statement jewellery, or clothes that show off your shape—this should feel like injecting confidence into your bloodstream because it comes from future you.

connect + share

Share your power accessory, your journaling notebook, or anything else using the hashtag #HolidayStyleChallenge. Browse the hashtag and leave comments to encourage the fellow challenge-doers.

Share what power accessory you created in the comments of the  Day 2 post on my IG profile. You can use these posts to share your takeaways and challenges, ask your questions, and connect with each other.